Adult Muay Thai
- Beginners -
So, where do you begin..? The hardest part of starting Muay Thai, is entering the Dojo for the first time...

The hardest step for anyone to take when thinking of martial arts is joining their first class. All the usual questions go through their mind: Will I look a fool? I don't know what I'm doing! Will I get beaten up? etc... Our beginner classes are there to help people make their first steps into a class. They are designed at a basic level - they concentrate on the things you need to get right at the start of your Muay Thai journey. Proper footwork, how to defend yourself properly and good basic offensive techniques are taught, incorporating the four main weapons of Muay Thai - Punches, Kicks, Knees and Elbows.

Remember, every instructor was once a student and had to do exactly what you are about to do. Every Instructor will remember when they first had to walk through that door, and will make you feel at ease...

At a "steady" pace, the beginner class is an essential first step for anyone thinking of learning Muay Thai, regardless of their expectations.

A good workout is still a guarantee!

Benefits of Muay Thai (Thai Boxing)
Through classes involving shadowboxing, bag work, pad work and partner work, students will not only enhance their martial art ability, fighting ability, self-defence ability, and confidence, but will also gain greater physical and mental appreciation of what can be accomplished through proper training in the art of Muay Thai (Thai Boxing).

Adult Muay Thai
- Intermediate/Advance -
The Intermediate/Advance Muay Thai class caters to students who already have a good amount of basic training or experience. In our lessons students will perform a short fitness based warm up to get the blood pumping and then go through a stretching routine. This is an important part of any training.

This class uses the raw Muay Thai basic techniques you have already gained; punches, kicks, knees and elbows, and now brings these techniques into combinations using all elements of Muay Thai along with a deeper understanding of Muay Thai and Muay Boran.

Our classes cover footwork, striking, defense and counter attack techniques. You will learn how to create angles in your movement and use the clinch to elbow and knee your opponent and how you would effectively use these during sparing using the advanced offensive and defensive ring-craft techniques that you have learned.

The Instructors will push you harder to make you stronger both physically and mentally, but still the focus is on utilizing correct technique and not on hurting your training partner.