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Chelmsford City
Muay Thai
Chelmsford City Muay Thai
Muay Thai Boxing (Thai Kickboxing) is a Martial Art Form that originates from Thailand and offers a dynamic, versatile and extremely effective form of Self defence that utilises the whole body. Muay Thai Training incorporates a series of Punches, Elbows, Knees, Kicks and Grappling to create this devastating Martial Art.

At Chelmsford City Muay Thai, we teach traditional Muay Thai as taught in Thailand. Our instructors have trained in some of the best Muay Thai camps in Thailand, and we believe this is the best, effective style of Muay Thai there is.

Thai Boxing Training is also well known for its Intense, Dynamic and Effective Pad Work, to sharpen the practitioner's speed, power and reactions, it is also an extreme calorie burner.

Chelmsford City Muay Thai offers a complete training system. Promoting Fitness, Strength, Flexibility and Self Confidence. We welcome you to come and train with us whatever your goal may be, Fitness, Self Defence, or one of those life challenges you. may have of learning a martial art.

Chelmsford City Martial Arts was opened in spring 2012. The owners inspiration was his love of Martial Arts, particularly Muay Thai, and to be able to offer a venue where Children and Adults can train in a fully equipped Dojo which is open all year long, not hindered by ill equipped school halls or summertime/evening closures.

Chelmsford City Martial Arts is a fully equipped Martial Arts Gym, boasting a range of Sandee and Fairtex Punch Bags, Specialised Matted Flooring, and a 14 feet boxing ring which is used for club sparring.