Club Protocols

Welcome to the Club Protocols & Rules.
  • Always try to arrival at least 10/15 mins before class begins. This way you can help set up and future prepare yourself you're the class.
  • Personal hygiene. You are going to get hot and sweaty, please make sure you have taken this into consideration before training. You will also have physical contact with other club members, please ensure finger and toe nails are trimmed accordingly.
  • If there is a different class training when you arrive, head upstairs to the training Ring area and get prepared. As a mark of respect, keep your noise levels to a minimum whist awaiting your class to begin.
  • If you have any physical injury or mental health issue please make your instructor aware of it before you start training. This is so that the Instructor can advise you and keep an eye on your well- being.
  • When an instructor is talking you should be facing him or her and stand upright, with hands behind your back in the (PAK Position). This is to show you're alert and ready to respond to the instruction.
  • Your appearance should look be tide and maintained. Your club T shirt must be worn at all times and kept in good condition. Gym kit and colours must be worn once you are a joined member of the club.
  • At the end of the class stand in Pak position face your instructor for de briefing. Line up in rank order and be ready to perform the Club Wai (Thai Bow) at the end of the session.
  • All kit must be put away in the kit cupboard at the end of the sessions in its rightful place neat and tidy.
  • Zero Ego Policy. Uncontrolled malicious acts of violence carried out against another club- member is not tolerated. Anyone behaving in this way will be permanently excluded from training at the club.
  • Whilst training, the Instructors/Kru or coach's word is final!